Boxing is a competitive, demanding sport.

Learning boxing from scratch can be a long, arduous process that takes years to master. There are many intricacies to the sport that can only be learned by experience.

Boxing masterclass with Ryan Clarke

Learn the fundamentals of boxing through 10 easy-to-follow lectures with Boxing Masterclass.

Boxing Masterclass is an online course that will teach the fundamentals of the sport in 10 lectures. It's designed specifically for people who want to try boxing and amateur boxers who want to improve their chances of being successful and enjoy the sport more. With Boxing Masterclass, learning boxing and becoming a better boxer becomes a quick and easy process, within your own home!

Meet Your Instructor: Ryan Clarke

Ryan Clarke is a nationally registered boxing coach in South Africa, who specializes in youth development. Wants to help all athletes become the best they can be, through the use of boxing.